Friday, December 21, 2012

And so it begins

About once a year, I catch up over IM with someone I haven't seen since 2003. We usually talk about our jobs, because advertising is what we have in common. The other night, I got that random annual IM: "You're super special, and I just thought you should know that." He proceeded to give me instructions for his original s'more ice cream recipe and then concluded, "and the fact that you're gonna do it soon is what makes you super special." 

Like I said, we haven't spoken in a year. So, starting the conversation on this topic made me realize that the majority of my Facebook posts are about ice cream. If you ask me, this isn't a bad thing. But, despite my friend's enthusiasm, I know that not everyone cares that I made vanilla with caramel, mexican chocolate, and eggnog last week; that I went on a tour of New York City's best ice cream; or that I just ordered a waffle cone maker. 

For those of you who do care about such things, welcome to my brain-log (or, as some might call it, blog). I'm Kasey, and I'm here to talk about ice cream.


  1. we all scream for ice cream! (and cheer for you!)

  2. Jess & Carrie/Banana: I'm glad I'm here, too. And I'm glad I have both of you here with me!