Friday, November 1, 2013

The Summer of Food

2013 was my first summer in food. I spent two days a week at the farmers market, selling meat and produce for Stillman's Farm, and the rest of the week making ice cream at The Fireplace for the restaurant and other customers. I have collected stories from some of Boston's small food business owners. I have gotten to know the inside workings of a restaurant. And I have made a lot of ice cream.

Blueberry Basil. Orange Cardamom. Espresso Oreo. Peaches & Cream. Grape Nut. Honey with Chocolate Almonds. Mint Chip. 

Aside from non-native produce like citrus (send 'em over, California!), I'm learning to change with the seasons. And one thing that I've realized recently about myself is how much I love change. From strawberries to blueberries to raspberries to blackberries, I've watched closely as fruits danced their way into summer and ever so quietly sneaked their way out. Spoiled by the market, I'd often eat a pint, if not more, in one day. I was so berry-drunk this summer that I forgot to freeze them before they all vanished. Thank goodness I learned my lesson after blueberry season and have one bag of raspberries and blackberries tucked away for a rainy (or, more likely, snowy) day -- Dark Chocolate Berry Swirl, anyone? 

This magical summer has come and gone. I'm learning to embrace the pumpkin and squash, and slowly turning my attention towards other delicious things -- nuts, chocolates, and caramels. And though everything around me might quiet down for the winter, I plan to keep moving and changing. I'm not exactly certain where all this is going, but it's somewhere amazing, full of ice cream, and temporarily void of berries. 

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